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Priprema za vazna takmicenja


Ruski naučnici su najbolji u oblasti periodizacije sportskog treninga. Principi koje su postavili sredinom prošlog veka i dalje su osnova planiranja treninga u svim sportovima. Nikolay Ozolin je svakako jedan od najboljih stručnjaka, koji je definisao mnoge aspekte planiranja trenažnog procesa.

U knjizi Easy Strength pročitao sam savete koje daje profesor Ozolin, i koje sam morao da podelim sa vama. Saveti se odnose na razdražljivost centralnog nervnog sistema i njegovu pripremljenost za maksimalna postignuća.

  1. When training loads sharply increase before competition, the CNS reaches its peak performance in just one or two days. Without training, the peak will be lost in two or three days. The peak can be kept up for five to seven days with 85% to 90% loads and lower volume.
  2. One can maintain fairly high CNS function—but not a true peak—for several weeks with intense training, but this leads to burnout.
  3. Don’t rest longer than 24 hours before the event.
  4. Perform a warm-up specific to your event 24 hours before the competition.
  5. Do a light workout if nervous on the days leading up to the competition.
  6. Skip the workout if you don’t feel like training after the warm-up.
  7. An easy tonic workout—with lifts not heavier than 70% to 80% in speed-strength sports—four to six hours before the competition is helpful.
  8. It is normal for the grip strength/CNS excitability to go up for the first two or three days after arriving for a competition in another city or country. Traveling excites.
  9. Events other than training (feeling happy, sad, etc.) can have an effect on grip strength/CNS excitability, which may last for several days. Advises Ozolin, “In the end, one must remember that it is the athlete himself who changes the level of excitation through his interpretation of various external stimuli, his thoughts and decisions.”
  10. Don’t push it on the days after an unsuccessful competition. No point in “Monday morning quarterbacking,” Train light, and do exercises that are not specific to your sport. Back-cycling after the competition is essential in order to prevent CNS burnout.

Detalji dele prosečne od najboljih. Bavite se detaljima.